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Thailand is one of Asia’s gems, filled with culture and a holiday destination with something for everyone. 

South Thailand – Seaside Escape

Thailand’s coastline is the stuff of paradise – palm trees overhanging white sand beaches where crystal clear waters lap the shore, luminous coral reefs submerged between rocky outcrops topped with lush, tropical jungle – it’s the ultimate tropical getaway. Kite board off the beach in Hua Hin, dive through aquatic wonders off majestic islands like Ko Samui, marvel at limestone karsts in Krabi or just take time to relax beside your luxurious resort pool in Phuket. Southern Thailand has plenty to offer for your next beach vacation, and the next and the next.

North Thailand – Jungles, Mountains and Temples

Hop on an elephant, raft down a river, spot wildlife in the lush rainforest or find inner peace in the spiritual and culturally rich North. With cooler weather, less tourists and a truly authentic Thai experience on offer this region of Thailand has a lot going for it. From temples and night  markets in the lively cities such as Chiang Mai to elephant camps, meditation retreats and Hill Tribe villages in the highlands, this region offers the visitor a whole new side of Thailand to explore.

Central Thailand – Where old and new meet 

A buffer between the Northern hinterlands and the Southern sea, Central Thailand is the cultural heart of this diverse nation. Relish in the juxtaposition of the modern shopping megamalls and traditional floating markets, experience street food Thai style and discover the spiritual centres in Thailand’s hub – Bangkok.


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Other Regions of Thailand 

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