World Cup 2018 Russia Tour

Hospitality Packages


World Cup 2018 Russia Hospitality Suite


Hospitality Package Key Features:

  • Category 1 match ticket or designated stadium seating according the various hospitality options
  • Social hospitality experience, within the stadium security perimeter
  • Hospitality service with upmarket deli-style menu and drinks before and after the match*
  • Commemorative gift
  • Be welcomed by our MATCH Hospitality hostesses
  • Parking subject to availability.


*Hospitality opening and closing hours are usually 2 hour before and 1 hour after the match. Subject to change.


Team Specific Series

Team Specific Series 1 (TSS1):

Guaranteed ticket and hospitality for one Group Match for your team

Team Specific Series 3 (TSS3):

Guaranteed tickets and hospitality for all three Group Matches for your team

Team Specific Series 4(TSS4):

Guaranteed tickets and hospitality for all three group matches as well as your team’s potential Round of 16 match Should the team specified be eliminated prior to the Round of 16, you will receive hospitality packages for a default match in Moscow’s Luzhniki OR Spartak stadiums, the venue to be determined by MATCH Hospitality and communicated at a later date.

Team Specific Series 5 (TSS5):

Guaranteed tickets and hospitality for all potential matches following your team up until the Quarter-final. TSS5 includes all three Group Matches, Round of 16 and the Quarter-final. Should the team specified be eliminated prior to the Round of 16 or the Quarter-final, you will receive hospitality packages for the default Round of 16 match in Moscow’s Luzhniki OR Spartak stadiums (the venue will be determined by MATCH Hospitality and communicated at a later date) and /or Quarter-final match in Sochi.


2018 Russia World Cup Final Series Hospitality

Final Round Series
  • FRS2 including one semi and final match tickets and hospitality
  • FRS3 including tickets and hospitality for both semi final and final matches
  • Final Series including tickets and hospitality for quarter finals, semi finals and final


Venue Series

Guaranteed tickets and hospitality for all matches within a single venue



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Event Date(s): Thu Jun 14, 2018 - Sun Jul 15, 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be the 21st FIFA World Cup, and is scheduled to be hosted in the world’s largest country; Russia, from 14Jun18 – 15Jul18. It will be the first World Cup that has been held in Europe since 2006.

With more than half of Russia’s population being avid soccer (football, futbol) fans, the FIFA World Cup 2018 is a phenomenally powerful magnet and will unite 190 ethnicities found within Russia and approximately 2,000 nationalities from across the globe.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will take place throughout 11 different cities within Russia and lead up to the unsurpassed championship soccer competition there will be extravagant celebrations that will be attended by well-known athletes, politicians and famous actors & actresses.

The final tournament of this incredible championship will comprise of 31 teams from around the world selected through qualifying competitions and the automatically qualified host team (Russia). The entire 2018 FIFA World Cup will span out over 64 matches that will be competed in within 12 venues located in Russia’s 11 host cities, with the final to be taken place at the Luzhiniki Stadium in Moscow.


3D football soccer ball with world teams flags. brazil world cup 2014. Isolated on white with clipping path


So why not join what will be the most exciting, riveting and unparalleled sporting event of 2018, in the host country itself –Russia, alongside the rest of the world as you embrace the unity that Soccer has & witness firsthand the qualifying team for 2021 FIFA Confederations Cup!


Update for World Cup 2018 in Russia
  • For the first time in World Cup history, all national teams registered for the 2018 FIFA World Cup preliminary competition, although due to suspensions not all teams participated in qualification.
  • The qualifying process for the 2018 World Cup began on March 12, 2015 with preliminary ties between the 12 lowest-ranked nations in Asia. In total Europe will hold 13 places, South America 4.5, Concacaf 3.5,  Afria 5 places, Asia 4.5 and Oceania 0.5 places, in the World Cup Tournament.


Host Cities



Host City

Host Stadium

Distance from Moscow


Luzhniki Stadium


Otkrytiye Arena


Saint Petersburg

Krestovsky Stadium



Kalininigrad Stadium

1,258.9 km


Kazan Arena

801.1 km

Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

416.9 km


Cosmos Arena

1,045.5 km


Volgograd Arena

969.3 km


Mordovia Arena

654.2 km


Rostov Arena

1,073.7 km


Fisht Olympic Stadium

1,620.4 km


Central Stadium

1,752.0 km 


Match Schedule

Opening Match 1:

  • Russia will be placed in position A1 in the group stage and play in the opening match at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on 14 June at 18:00.


Group Stage:

  • 8 Groups, Group A- H, 4 teams in each group, 48 matches.
  • Two winners from each group will proceed to the Knockout Stage.


Knockout Stage:







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