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India, the land of diversity, offers a vast range of landscapes, people, traditions, food and culture like nowhere else in the world. The Countries beauty stems from its unprecedented, dramatic and utterly breathtaking terrain of the soaring snow-dusted peaks of the mountains up north, to the sun-washed beaches of the southern coast and it’s intense and dramatic deserts. Alongside all of this, the countries multitude of sacred sites including the grandeur temples that rise royally and majestically out of the ground is a true testament to the country’s long, and colourful culture, history and traditions.

In this one destination, travellers can experience any type of holiday they enjoy, from hiking expeditions to wildlife safaris, shopping in the markets, to revelling in the culture, or relaxing by the pool, it offers it all.


Featured Luxury Holidays in India
  • Spirit of South India

    13 Days Mumbai to Chennai with A&K

    A Luxury Private Journey
    Explore the Treasures of Southern India

    Uncover the spirit of Southern India. A place where intriguing cultures, mouth-watering cuisine and rich history wait at [...]

  • Reflections of East India

    10 Days Kolkata to Darjeeling with A&K

    Discover the Hidden Wonders of East India

    From fragrant tea plantations and snow-capped Himalayan peaks to bustling bazaars and the grandest colonial architecture, [...]

  • The Taj mahal

    Splendours of Rajasthan

    9 Days Delhi to Udaipur with A&K

    A Luxury Private Journey
    Immerse Yourself in the Colour of India

    ​Step back into a bygone era of emperors and princes in royal Rajasthan. Discover Delhi’s colonial grandeur and delectable [...]

  • An Unforgettable Journey Awaits
    Experience the World on a Private Jet

    Travel by private jet to legendary destinations at every corner of the globe, with Four Seasons as your guide.


Featured Luxury Cruises in India


Featured Luxury Hotels & Resorts in India
  • Relax into the Easy Pace of Ananda
    4 Day Mind, Body & Soul Indulgence

    ​Indulge your mind, body and soul in the award-winning destination spa, Ananda in the Himalayas.

  • India's Royal accommodations

    Experience India in complete luxury when you stay at the Taj Palace Hotels, where elegance and service is fit for Royalty.

  • Your Wellness Haven in Kerala - The Home of Ayurveda

    Ayurveda & Wellness Resort is set on the shores of the mesmerising Arabian sea, just 8 kms away from the world famous [...]


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