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Discover the exotic and walk the path of history with these incredible itineraries from Abercrombie & Kent. From the mountain temples of Nepal and Bhutan to the jungles of India and Sri Lanka South Asia is a sensational feast for the luxury traveller.

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  • Cultural Sri Lanka with A&K

    Cultural Sri Lanka

    11 Days Colombo Return with A&K

    A Luxury Private Journey
    Explore the Vibrant History of Sri Lanka

    Immerse yourself to experience the most important scenic and cultural attractions of this fascinating country.

  • Images of Nepal with Abercrombie & Kent

    Images of Nepal

    11 Days Kathmandu Return

    A Luxury Private Journey
    Prayer Flags and Mountain-Tops

    The remote mountainous nation of Nepal has a certain indescribable magic.

  • Land of the Thunder Dragon with A&K

    Land of the Thunder Dragon

    9 Days in Bhutan with A&K

    Discover the Tiny Kingdom of Bhutan

    The beautiful Buddhist nation of Bhutan awaits.

  • India with Abercrombie & Kent

    In Search of the Tiger

    8 Days Delhi to Nagpur with A&K

    A Luxury Private Journey
    Discover 3 of the Country's leading National Parks

    Visit three of the country’s leading national parks discover unique wildlife experiences and excellent chances of tiger encounters

  • India with Abercrombie & Kent

    Treasures of Southern India

    11 Days Kochi to Bangalore with A&K

    A Luxury Private Journey
    Explore the Treasures of Southern India

    India’s south is a world away from its northern counterpart.

  • India by Rail with Abercrombie & Kent

    India by Rail

    14 Days Mumbai to Varanasi with A&K

    A Luxury Private Journey
    Discover India on the Maharaja's Express

    A two week journey incorporating seven nights aboard the Maharajas’ Express, India’s latest and most luxurious train.

  • India with Abercrombie & Kent

    Himalayan Sojourn

    9 Days Kolkata to Delhi with A&K

    A Luxury Private Journey
    Explore the Beauty of the Himalayas

    Explore the British heritage of Kolkata, Darjeeling & Sikkim, the little known Himalayan state.

  • Splendours of Rajasthan with Abercrombie & Kent

    Splendours of Rajasthan

    9 Days Delhi to Udaipur with A&K

    A Luxury Private Journey
    Immerse Yourself in the Colour of India

    This delightful itinerary offers all the colour of India in two weeks, from bustling cityscapes to remote countryside.


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