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Antarctica Flights – Sight Seeing Flights Over Antarctica From Australia

  • Become one of the few to witness the desolate beauty of this untamed polar landscape aboard a privately chartered aircraft with 4 hours of scenic flying over the white continent.
  • With 19 different routes, no two flights are ever the same. 
  • We are afforded optimal views to the vast white wilderness thanks to windows 65% larger than any other vessel of its size.
  • Its lower cabin altitude mitigates the discomfort passengers may sometimes experience during and after a long flight.
  • Our flight from Australia ranges between 9,500 – 10,500 kms round trip (approximately 12.5 hours) depending on your departure city.
  • Expert Antarctic expeditioners are onboard to talk on the polar environment and its history while video screenings depict life on the ground.

The World’s Most Unique Scenic Flight

Welcome to Antarctica – the world’s last great wilderness. For over 26 years, the privately chartered flights have led the way in providing close-up encounters with the white continent.

For the first time ever, enjoy unparalleled views of the icy landscape aboard the ultra-modern 787 Dreamliner.

Become one of the few to witness the desolate beauty of this untamed polar landscape. Aboard the privately chartered aircraft you will experience unparalleled Antarctic viewing, with up to 4 hours over the white continent. With 19 different routes, no two flights are ever the same. 



22 Nov 2020Check in: 7:15am & Depart: 8:00am | Return: 9:00pm

21 Feb 2021 | Check in: 7:15am & Depart: 8:00am | Return: 9:00pm


15 Nov 2020Check in: 7:15am & Depart: 8:00am | Return: 9:00pm

31 Dec 2020 | Check in: 4:45pm & Depart: 5:30pm | Return: 6:30am (1 Jan 2021)


07 Feb 2021 | Check in: 6:45am & Depart: 7:30am | Return: 9:30pm


26 Jan 2021 | Check in: 7:15am & Depart: 8:00am | Return: 9:00pm


14 Feb 2021 |Check in: 7:15am & Depart: 8:00am | Return: 9:00pm

Your Antarctica flight will depart and return to the Qantas Domestic Terminal at Sydney/Melbourne/Perth/Brisbane/Adelaide Airport. Check in is at least 45 minutes prior to the departure of your flight.

Whilst we will be over the Antarctica Treaty area for around 4 hours, approximately 3 – 4 hours will be spent flying over the Antarctic continent.

In planning our route, considerable time is taken to select the most spectacular area of Antarctica within aircrafts range. The selected area will be chosen from 19 different flight plans,taking into account:

  • Maximum viewing potential from both sides of the aircraft
  • Maximum penetration over Antarctica
  • Maximum variety in land mass scenery, including high mountains, glaciers, ice plateau and coastline
  • The best possibility for viewing should weather conditions be adverse

Business Class Deluxe $7999

Business Class Deluxe

Admire aerial views of Antarctica in utmost comfort in Business Deluxe seats with full international business class service. All seats are either a window or aisle seat, and passengers will swap at the halfway point of the journey, which means everyone will have unobstructed views of Antarctica. With ample space between each seat, enjoy the room to spread out.

Business Class $6499

Business Class

Business seats are set at the leading edge of the plane’s wing, which means there will be a slight viewing obstruction. With full international business class service, all seats are either a window or aisle seat. Passengers will swap at the halfway point of the journey. With ample space between each seat, enjoy the room to spread out.

Premium Economy Class $3999

Premium Economy Class

Qantas’ International Premium seats, with larger seats and seat pitch than Economy Class seats. Seats are located over the wing, which can obstruct viewing. Each passenger will have a window seat or the seat next to a window seat for half of the flight and an aisle seat or adjacent for the other half of the flight.

Other Classes may be available on request

Deal Inclusions

Antarctic Expeditioners

Full Bar Service – Champagne, wine, beer, spirits and soft drink.

Meal service – 2 Qantas meals plus snacks to keep you fueled for the day!

Explorer Kit

Entertainment System

*Rates are subject to availability and changes without notice. Rate are based on the lowest available and may differ at time of booking. Other travel dates may be available at an additional cost.
For more information and other conditions please confirm with our Travel Specialists at time of booking.

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