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Southern Spain: Granada, Ronda, and Seville

Granada Continuing from our Portugal trip (see our last newsletter), we flew from Barcelona to Southern Spain with our first stop being Granada; a cross-roads of civilizations where Spain’s Moorish and Christian history intertwine with the vibrant (albeit hilly) streets lined with bars, bohemian cafes, and intimate flamenco clubs. Our taste buds met with amazing

China’s design revolution

PIONEERING ARCHITECTURE China’s design revolution Bold. Extreme. Futuristic. The skyline architecture of numerous Chinese cities is anything but ordinary. Buildings are not only designed for function, but also to make a statement. Both with their interior and exterior designs. Source: KLM Marketing China is emphasising its superpower status with pioneering architecture. Since the beginning of

A Week in Cannes: Films, Festivals, and Toy Trains

If you are open to new experiences, then go to the week of the world-renowned Cannes Film Festival. The ambience is palpable and you don’t need to be in the industry to take a sense of it home with you.     Cannes Film Festival My companion and I were there for the 70th year

London Stopover Review

London – place of parks, palaces and of course pubs and parties.   Our three-day stopover was too short to pack a lot in, however staying in Park Lane was a trip down memory lane – of the Monopoly kind.  Before we knew it all the places on the board were accessed. Just a short

5 Reasons the Monaco Grand Prix is so Special

  The mythical Grand Prix of Monaco is sin city magnified and condensed into a tiny location over just a few days. It’s an event where you can tick several of your bucket list items off all at once. Fast cars, stars, parties, the rich, and royalty; all against the stunning backdrop on the coast

Secret Pearls of the Veneto Region: Venetian Villas

    Venice is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its beauty and charm have inspired numerous artists, poets, and writers over the centuries. Attracted by its uniqueness and its magical atmosphere, Venice continues to draw travellers from all corners of the globe, with more than 25 million tourists visiting this enchanting city

Most Beautiful Small Towns in Italy

Many people would associate Italy with its robust capital of Rome, the romance of Venice, or the Renaissance of Florence. And you’d be forgiven for doing so as these cities, each distinct in their own way, defines Italy’s glory. But this Mediterranean country is like its famous Tiramisu cake; it gets better with each layer.

10 Must See Historical and Cultural Sites of Spain

Spain’s diverse landscapes offers each city its own distinct ambience whilst the country’s long, vivid history differentiates one town from another. From the bustle of Barcelona to majestic Madrid and sunny Seville, Spain’s cities have long been among Europe’s most popular tourist attractions. Here we tour the ten, must-see historical and cultural sites of Spain

Best Wineries in the World

  Wine tasting is such a delightful way to spend a day or a weekend. In fact, it has become so popular that it has developed into a vacation itself with wine tourism booming in the past decade. Wineries all over the world now provide tasting rooms with exquisite views, wine tasting meals and vineyard

17 Best Things To Do in New York City

New York, New York. The city where small town folk go to live out their dreams, immigrants flock to for promises of new lives and tourists thrive with so many things to do. Although I could count the number of times I’ve been to New York on one hand, I can say that the impression