Top Destinations

Bali – Surf, Sun and Sambal

Bali, an island of Indonesia, is one of Australia’s closest neighbours – a mere 5 hour flight from Sydney or less than 4 hours from Perth, it is one of our most accessible exotic destinations. And Bali certainly is exotic. Step into a world of lucid green rice terraces, monkeys clambering along roof tops, ancient

Introducing Hapag-Loyd – The Finest Afloat

All the Promises of a Yacht and the Serenity of a Small Resort Australia is in for something truly new, unique and incredible at the end of this year when Hapag-Loyd Cruises Europa brings it’s larger sister Europa 2 down under for the first time. The multi-award winning European luxury cruise line is gracing our ports

Into the Wild – Discover the Untamed North in Canada and Alaska

Endless steppes of snow overlooked by majestic mountains beneath a sapphire blue sky, the wild top end of North America is a truly breathtaking region. The whole destination remains an undiscovered gem for travellers, rugged and marvellous it calls to those with a love for nature and a sense of adventure. Join us as we

Mighty Ancient Waterways – Best of the Danube and Rhine Rivers

Winding through serene forests, deep valleys, beneath snow-capped peaks, idling through rolling fields of green and past ancient medieval cities; the great rivers of Europe are a nature built travel itinerary perfectly crafted. River cruising is a fantastic, and increasingly popular way to see Europe and with many fantastic companies offering voyages, and Crystal joining

Raising the Curtain on Cuba

A mystery wrapped in a time capsule, smothered with gorgeous antique veneer and coated with colourful spice; Cuba is a country that’s hard to define. With the embargo curtain that has covered Cuba for so long finally being drawn, travellers are flocking once more to see the Pearl of Antilles. Whether you travel for the

Tuscany – Tantalise Your Senses

Take a moment to imagine strolling across rolling fields of vineyards as the smell of freshly pressed olives and sea salt drifts through the Mediterranean sun soaked air. Nearby a group of chattering locals is setting up a table covered in a white cloth adorned with local delicacies as the smell of fresh Italian cuisine